Supporting Your Company from Audit to Auction
We provide custom-tailored solutions to meet your needs as a seller or buyer of IPv4 addresses. Some of our services include:  
œ Audit then consult on best practice strategy 
œ Optimize IPv4 block usage 
œ Re-IP 
œ Transfer registration in RIR database 
œ Provide network address translation 
œ Identify and prevent poaching 
œ Convert from IPv4 to IPv6
œ Establish chain of custody 
œ Facilitate transfer from seller to buyer 
œ Engage escrow services for the transaction 
œ Generate all necessary legal documentation 
Marketing and Sales 
œ Source and match potential buyers to seller 
œ Provide auction services 
œ Set up an on-line data warehouse for each sale 
œ Promote market buzz to optimize sale prices at auction